Happy Renters

“Dear Arizona Bed Rentals.

Just a note to say that your service is terrific. You are the first company I’ve dealt with in Arizona that did exactly what you said you would do, for the stated price, and above all, WHEN you said you would do it. All of your personnel have been easy to talk with, and have accommodated my requests pleasantly. Needless to say, I will spread the¬†word about your service to anyone who even mentions that they have company coming to visit.

You make it effortless, thanks very much!”

Joanne Webber

“Dear Larry:

My Phoenix visit is not one that I have found much to enjoy or appreciate, however, doing business with your company has been a bright spot. From my own experience, almost anyone can build a good mattress, almost anyone can make money selling them. Very few people can assemble a personnel base that operates as well or nearly as flawless as you have.
… I have had interfaced so far with six people in your organization. So often in business, the person handling one function has a tendency to diminish the value of the person in another function. It seems to me, the people in every function complement the people in other functions and appears to value the contributions of all other parts of your business. I don’t know how much effort went into assembling the group you have, but very, very few small organizations could improve on yours. However it happened, you are to be complimented. Nothing appears to be a problem for your people. From Nancy, Rick, Shawn, and your drivers, they know what part of the job is theirs, and they respond to the customer with a 100% spirit of “YES! we can do that,” even if it must be followed with a little bit of adjustment to match the Organization’s capabilities to the Customer’s needs.”

C.R. "Dick" Moyer

Questions About Renting a Bed?

If you have questions about renting a bed for your guest room, for your nursing home or care facility, please get in touch. Our customer service team has over 40 years experience helping customers select the right bed rental for their needs.